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Headshot Package

My fee is $225 plus GST. The photo shoot lasts around 2 hours and you will end up with about 150-200 photos which are yours to keep. These photos will be sent to you in low resolution, which means they’re great for the internet, but not for printing. However you get to choose 4 photos to be photoshopped and returned in high resolution, and these are the ones that are used for printing.

Hair & Make up on the Day

As for hair and make-up, I like to suggest to my clients that it’s perfectly ok to do your own hair and make-up because you won’t be hiring a hair/make-up person every time you go for an audition, and your head shot needs to look the way you look when you spruce yourself up, not over-done or model perfect. However! If you would like an expert to do the make-up anyway, hey why not! I can contact one of my make-up ladies. They charge $30 for the make-up session which generally takes 30 minutes. Or! You could visit a salon on your own before the shoot for make-up and hair.

Wardrobe on the Day

As for clothing, you want to bring several wardrobe changes with you…the kind of clothes that represent the kind of roles you see yourself booking. …4 wardrobe changes is good…try not to wear anything with bold or distracting prints….solid colours work best……and a variety is nice, as in some dark colours, and some light colours. Also, bring a jacket or 2…not an outdoor jacket, but a jean jacket or business suit jacket….very simple jewelry is best, even no jewelry is best…no hats….don’t worry too much about the pants, because headshots are chest up…unless you do background work, then I would throw in a few full body shots for you.

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