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About Lynn Whyte

Well first of all, thank you for visiting my website and checking things out. So let me tell you a little about myself. I have a real passion for the visual arts, photography in particular. In fact I specialize in headshot photography for the actor. As an actor myself, I understand the importance of the headshot photo as the actor’s calling card. I know that the casting director and the other film industry decision makers are
looking at your headshot on their phones. That’s a small screen! So we need that photo to pop, and we need that photo “shoulders up.” Small details like this will get you the shot you need and a much better chance at audition invitations. What I want is to capture the essence of you, the “you-ness” of you, if you will. What we DON’T want is the typical “glam” shot that we tend to see in model magazines. It’s a tricky animal, the actor’s headshot!!!

So this is what I do. And this is what I’m good at. It’s a passion that brings me a lot of joy. And my photo shoots are always a fun, relaxing place to be.

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